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ImPerfect Testimonials

"I just got my bras they’re absolutely gorgeous. The fit is PERFECT for my imperfect boobies love your brand for coming up with this, showed my husband and he was shocked. He said “we never get the strap around ur back right!!!! Its sakto! What brand is that?” SO HAPPY! Already wanna buy other colors. Also, I didn’t realize I was a Large hahaha I never thought my tiny boobies would qualify for a Large lol. Thank you for assisting me!"

Ruth Galang, Inverted Triangle, Thicc

Hey guys! I just received my orders and I’m so so SOOOOO happy with the fit! You have no idea how life changing this is :((((. All my life I’ve struggled looking for bras that don’t just fit but also shape my boobs right. I developed early and I guess dealing with that at a young age was difficult and confusing. Anyway, I’m blown away!!! Lalo na with the one with an underwire, THE FIRST TIME AN UNDERWIRE FELT COMFY AND EVEN MORE SO THAT MAKES MY BOOBS LOOK GOOD. Thank you, THANK YOU for existing. I hope you expand your designs for the plus size girls like me! I’m so overwhelmed AAAAH!

BIanca Felipe, Plus Size, Full Breasts

Perfect fit! Generally, wired bras make me a bit conscious because of how my boobs appear bigger than they already are when I wear them, but I'm glad this one isn't like that. It's comfortable to wear and I appreciate the breathable material.

Karina Rivera, Curvy, Full Breasts

"I will throw away my expensive ****** bras!! This is the first time I've encountered a bra with a thick but breathable band. I'm so ready to switch bras."

Marite Ariola, Plus Size, Separated Full breasts

Hello! I just tried the bra and it fits so well! I’m so happy that I finally have a bra that doesn’t depend on extenders. I hope you eventually expand your line of 44A bras to more designs or colors. I’m planning to order the black one as soon as things settle down. More power to you and your brand!

Anonymous, Plus Size

"It has been a constant struggle for me to find the ""perfect"" bra for my body type -- especially locally where the sizes are quite limited -- so I am SO HAPPY that there is finally a high quality and reasonably priced brand that can cater to my size and actually provide my boobs the support it needs. Tried both the wired and non-wired varieties. I'm biased towards non-wired bras but I must say their non-wired bras surprised me with how good the howl was! I SUPER LOVE IT. Thank you for helping big girls get the support we deserve.

Sarah Gomez, Curvy - Hourglass Shape

"When it comes to bras, structure and support is very very important to me. I'm very picky with bras and would only buy from ***. That is until a friend of mine gave me this bra.. a maternity bra.. and I'm not even pregnant nor do I have any kids! Hahaha surprisingly.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! No wires but there is a comfortable support, which still gives my breasts a nice shape. Structure wise, the stretchy material doesn't hug my back and sides... thus not making any ""lumps"" especially when I wear fitted shirts ;) I hope ImPerfect makes more colors of this bra!! I'm trying to find a reason why I don't like this bra but I can't think of one. I plan to buy more of this bra pregnant or not!!!!!"

Annie Gamboa, Conventional Size, Proportioned

"I love the bras! Comfortable and the fit is perfect for my size. Perfect ang cup at ganda pati yung lapad ng bra, kili-kili, at palikod perfect. Yung ibang bra ko from ****** di ganun kalapad, natutupi at naiipit sa taba ko. But this is perfect! Thanks."

Carl Casama, Plus Size, Full Breasts