ImPerfect: Finally, underwear that fits you perfectly!

ImPerfect is a new underwear line that champions the wide range of women’s body shapes and sizes. Who better understands women than fellow women, right? Bearing in mind the intricacies of the female body and with a genuine passion for garments, ImPerfect was sewn together to finally fit different types of bodies and intimate parts perfectly!

Real bodies, real stories

Not everyone is blessed to be as statuesque or voluptuous as the models we see on print and social media. And. That. Is. Perfectly. Fine. Dear. Woman! We all come in varying shapes, heights, sizes, and curves. We’ve sat down, spoken with, and listened to many of you. And that’s exactly what our products are celebrating here: your real bodies, your real stories.

Body first

This is the common thread that stitches ImPerfect together. We put the body first above everything else: embracing your back fats, holding together your separated east-west breasts, loving your love handles, accentuating flat chests, and understanding all bum shapes and hip sizes.

Fit (Im)Perfect

We’ve come a long way but finding the perfect-fitting underwear for our own, unique bodies still seems like a daunting task. You don’t need to struggle fitting in anymore. We’ve done the work for you. ImPerfect finally fits you just perfectly!

Trust us: this is just the beginning. We are tirelessly working on creating more product choices to suit more kinds of body sizes and shapes. Our winning moment comes when you, imperfect but beautiful women, will never have to feel like you have no choice.